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RIGHT TO THE CITY | A Conference

November 2, 2010

DAY 1:
Fri Nov 5, 2010, 7pm-9:30pm
@ VIVO Media Arts Centre, 1965 Main St.

DAY 2:
Sat Nov 6, 2010, 9:30am-5pm
@ Creekside Community Centre (Olympic Village), 1 Athlete’s Way

Vancouver is one of the most unaffordable cities in the world. Its low-income housing and non-luxury architecture are pressured by ever-heightening gentrification, causing displacement and a homelessness crisis that grows each year. Right to the City is a two-day conference hosted by VANACT in East Vancouver, Coast Salish territory, where residents, organizers, academics, and others will assemble to discuss the causes and impacts of gentrification, and to identify strategies and collaborations across the city to halt gentrification, promote community control and establish a Right to the City.


DAY 1:
Friday Nov 5 @ VIVO, 1965 Main St.

Introduction – ‘Right to the City’
Elders’ welcome
Poetry by Bud Osborn, Cynthia Oka, and Jeff Derksen

Keynote Address, Gentrification: Global & Local
‘The Gentrification of Capital,’ Elvin Wyly (UBC Department of Geography, co-author of Gentrification and The Gentrification Reader)
‘The Gentrification of the Downtown Eastside,’ Wendy Pedersen (Carnegie Community Action Project)

Roundtable on future of the Olympic Village

Sat Nov 6, 2010 @ Creekside Community Centre (Olympic Village)

A: Policing & gentrification
B: Art & gentrification

A: Woodward’s: Then & Now
B: Health & harm reduction

–Lunch break–

Alternatives Panel: Grassroots and Community Control

Action planning


Sabine Bitter (Urban Subjects, Audain Gallery)
Bud Osborn (Poet)
Cynthia Oka (Poet)
Wendy Pedersen (Carnegie Community Action Project)
Douglas King (Pivot Legal Society)
Cecily Nicholson (No One is Illegal – Vancouver)
Harsha Walia (DEWC Power of Women Group)
Aiyanas Ormond (VANDU)
Ivan Drury (Downtown Eastside Neighborhood Council)
Jeff Derksen (SFU English Department)
Ali Lohan (Oppenheimer Park Community Art Show, Lifeskills Collective, Desmedia)
Gord Hill (Olympic Resistance Network)
Kathy Coyne (Community planner)
Am Johal (Impact on Communities Coalition)
Dawn Paley (Vancouver Media Co-op)
Nicholas Perrin (SFU Against Goldcorp, SFU Teaching Support Staff Union)
Aaron Vidaver (Archivist, editor of Woodsquat book)
Debbie Krull (Moms on the Drive, APC co-founder)
Arlin French (Purple Thistle Centre)
Anthony Meza-Wilson (Purple Thistle Centre)
Lauren Gill (Vancouver Action, Citywide Housing Coalition, Abolitionist)
Tonia Zinger
Dave Diewert (Streams of Justice)
Gregory Dean (Vancouver Action)
Ed Durgan (UBC Social Justice Centre)
Nathan Crompton (Vancouver Action)
Sue Pell (SFU Dept of Humanities)