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Athletes’ Village Tent City Feb 2011

September 24, 2010

Attn: All News Editors For Immediate Release, 25 Sept 2010

In the midst of a housing shortage and affordability crisis, community groups are redoubling efforts to secure the promised affordable units at the Olympic Village (Millenium Water). The 2005 SEFC Official Development Plan promised that 66% of the units would be affordable. Today that number has been reduced to less than 10% while a majority of the promised units remain empty, awaiting to be sold. 

In the lead-up to February 2011, the one-year anniversary of the Olympic Tent Village established at 58 West Hastings, our campaign will work to attain a moratorium on the sale of the promised units by use of petitioning, letter-writing, Millenium Water boycott campaign, squats, and other strategies.

If by February 2011, promises at the Athlete’s Village remain broken, the community will establish a Tent City at the Athletes’ Village under a general call to “Reclaim Housing.”  In the second week of the tent city, if the sell-off of promised units continues, residents of the tent village may expand the direct-action by occupying the empty units and/or City Hall.

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