‘Vancouver students fight back against Olympic marginalization’

An article published in rabble.ca ‘Campus Notes,’ discussing the impending Olympics, and the deleterious impacts they create and perpetuate for many living in Vancouver. Written from a student’s perspective, the article focuses on the actions being taken on UBC campus as well as in VAN.ACT! to combat the injustices of the 2010 Olympic Games.


One Response to “‘Vancouver students fight back against Olympic marginalization’”

  1. Timmy Wong Says:

    If anyone wants to see $1B worth of security personnel in action, then go ahead and protest.
    I’ll bet you 1% of that $1B any anti-anything protesters in these next two weeks will be squashed into insignificant dust.

    Want to block traffic? Make another Critical Mess? Wreak civil havoc with protests? By all means, go ahead; I’d love to turn on the 6pm news and watch footage of you hippies get arrested and shipped off to jail by the truckload. At least my tax dollars there will go towards something useful.

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